Why Are Scientists Finding Tiger Sharks With Songbirds In Their Bellies?

During a 2010 shark tagging venture in the Gulf of Mexico, researchers inadvertently captured a small tiger shark that regurgitated feathers. Not simply any feathers, thought you. These had been feathers belonging to a brown thrasher, a land-based outdoor songbird no longer particularly acknowledged for its seafaring ways. The match […]

CBD Oil A Promising Treatment For Dogs With Epilepsy

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil may additionally be an advantageous remedy for reducing the frequency of seizures in dogs with epilepsy, in accordance to a study these days posted in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association. To check the advantages of hemp-derived CBD oil, researchers at Colorado State University (CSU) […]

Why The Earth’s Magnetic Poles Could Be About To Swap Places – And How It Would affect Us

The Earth’s magnetic field surrounds our planet like an invisible force area – defending lifestyles from damaging photo voltaic radiation through deflecting charged particles away. Far from being constant, this discipline is always changing. Indeed, our planet’s records includes at least numerous hundred international magnetic reversals, where north and south magnetic poles […]

One Of The World’s Most Remote Island Chains Is Drowning In A Sea Of Plastic

Located extra than 2,000 kilometers (1,200 miles) off the northwest coast of Australia, the far-flung Cocos (Keeling) Islands may additionally not have tons in the way of human population but lead the world in terms of plastic accumulation. According to a new find out about published in Scientific Reports, the […]