Federal Court Ends Tennessee’s Controversial Inmate Sterilization Program

Inmates have effectively sued a Tennessee decide who presented time off their sentences in return for undergoing sterilization. A federal court formally ordered that White County no longer enforce any sterilizations they had ordered beneath the program, nor make any sentencing selections primarily based “in whole or in phase upon a defendant’s […]

A New International Telescope Is Being Built At The Bottom Of The Sea

Scientists are building a huge next-generation telescope in a very peculiar location: the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea. They are now not planning to appear at the mild of far-off stars or galaxies. There in the darkness, deep underwater, they hope to catch the signals of some different cosmic particles. […]

This Could Help The Bad Sleeping Patterns Of Teenagers

Bad snoozing patterns are practically hardwired into teenagers. Nevertheless, while lie-ins and late nights are infrequently new phenomena in the world of teens, it is turning into evident that one component of 21st-century lifestyles is screwing with their circadian rhythms. Just as previous studies have shown, the blue glow of […]

Why Are Scientists Finding Tiger Sharks With Songbirds In Their Bellies?

During a 2010 shark tagging venture in the Gulf of Mexico, researchers inadvertently captured a small tiger shark that regurgitated feathers. Not simply any feathers, thought you. These had been feathers belonging to a brown thrasher, a land-based outdoor songbird no longer particularly acknowledged for its seafaring ways. The match […]