How to Protect Clothes from Potential Damages with the Right Custom Lapel Pins

One of the good things about custom lapel pins is clients can set their designs and come up with a unique present for employees or organization members. However, many individuals don’t like pins penetrating their clothes regardless if they are needed for identification purposes. Fortunately, it’s now possible for clients to help protect clothes in obtaining these pins with the following tips:

Select Unique Locking Mechanisms

Pointed parts of the pins make it possible for these items to stay secured in their places. The locking mechanism or clutch protects users from getting pricked by the pointed pins. However, these pins will penetrate through the fabric, which shows potential damages. Naturally, the damage is insignificant, but many people are concerned that continuous wearing will only result to further damages.

Luckily, custom lapel pins can have different clutch options that can protect clothes. Instead of choosing the usual pin and butterfly clutch, clients can choose magnetic clutches to prevent pin traces that may lead to damages. Magnetic pieces placed on the pins will secure the pin in place without the need for pointed pins.

Custom lapel pinsAnother protective option is the screw and threaded clutches. This clutch type attaches on clothes like regular nuts and bolts. The only difference is that they are a lot smaller and attached behind the actual pin. The only downside is that the lack of pointed pin makes it impossible to use on different parts of the clothes. They can only be placed on areas with pre-set holes like button holes.

Go with Soft Enamel Option

Designs etched on custom lapel pins can cause damages due to continuous friction. Of course, damages caused are not noticed immediately considering the lack of force or significant contact between the etched surface and fabric. A soft enamel option guarantees that this won’t happen on clothes.

Soft enamel pins have a smooth epoxy layer on top of the etched design, which means smooth surface. Instead of scratching the fabric, it will glide on top of the smooth surface and will leave no damages on clothes.

Avoid Corners in Setting the Design

Clients’ pin designs may come with corners. Nevertheless, bear in mind that the main material used for pins are metal, which means the corners may damage clothes. Going with round or oval layouts will ensure custom lapel pins won’t be a problem on clothes. Smooth edges plus polished metals also contributes to smooth contact and prevents damages.

In case you need to cornered designs as part of branding, set your design with rounded corners. Pointed corners pierce through fabric and become the beginning of damaged clothing.

Consider Other Pin Options

One of the best ways to protect clothes is by choosing other pin options that don’t require pinning. Pins can be designed using attachments like keychains and cufflinks, which have lesser risk of damaging clothes. Keychains are not worn on clothing and kept inside pockets or as bag attachments. This keeps the item from getting in contact with clothes. On the other hand, cufflinks are only used to secure buttonholes on sleeves, which mean they don’t need to be pinned on the fabric. Users can simply lock them in place to secure the sleeves in place.

If you are looking for custom lapel pins, you can consider these options to protect clothes for being damaged, especially if you’re wearing prized clothing. Many companies keep their employees are members in mind by settling with options that minimize damages on clothes. However, remember that these options are not usually among the standard add-ons. This implies possible additional fees, which you won’t regret spending given their offered benefits.

Search Engines Change The Rules For Marketing – How SEO Services Protect You Against Penalties

Some marketers are looking at search engines today like bullies. They are creating a lot of leverage for the wrong reasons and they are pushing their methods more often than helping people succeed. This was evidenced in the past few years with all the different algorithm changes that have come to the internet. There was a time when you could easily get moving forward with content design, and get a lot of information going to your direction in a positive manner. That is no longer the case, and you will find that you will end up losing out on the greater good that comes from marketing if you are still focusing on the old methods of doing things.

Today, you will need to look at how SEO services can help you not only roll with the punches that are pushed within search engine providers, but also look at how you can fight against penalties that will be levied if you take shortcuts or do anything that is akin to the old guard. You will want to change things up, and you will want to move forward within the world of internet marketing in a professional manner. Only then, will you see how transformative search engines can really be.

The Changes You Don’t See

The first thing that you have to know about the changes to algorithms being pushed through by search engines is that you don’t see them coming. There is no advanced notice, there is no way of detailing what is going on, and you’re going to find this to be absolutely true. You’ll find that the world of internet marketing from the past will definitely be gone, and the new sheriff, so to speak, is a tougher one. The problems for marketers is not so much compliance, but the fact that they aren’t told what is going on.

If you look at search engine SEO Servicescompanies like you would soda manufacturers, then you will see why so much goes into the pieces as a whole. You’ll find that soda companies aren’t going to give anyone their secret recipe. This is evidenced through the cola wars that permeate through pop culture. If they change anything to the recipe and it doesn’t affect the taste, you will end up seeing that there is a drop off in success. It’s with that in mind that you should look at search results a bit differently.

The algorithm that is being used to rank sites is proprietary knowledge and it is something that is only seen and utilized by the search engine that you’re trying to rank in. It’s not used anywhere else, and the kicker is simple, they aren’t going to share with you the code or the changes, and therefore SEO boils down to what works now, and hope that it doesn’t violate the search engine rules that are not being shared.

Is SEO Dead?

Some marketers will suggest that search engine optimization is dead in light of the penalties and algorithm shifts that search engines keep pushing forward. The true answer here is that it is not dead, but it’s isolated to certain parameters of the internet, and it is only going to be effective if you diversify your approach and are honest with every piece that you work within.

For instance, in the past, you could buy backlinks in bulk and see your rankings rise through the roof. You can’t do that anymore. You could once use spun and duplicate content as well as PLR elements alongside other marketing collateral and see a big increase in influence. That’s no longer the case, and you will find that you need to focus on a lot of different pieces. The more movement you can get out of your optimization strategy, the higher the likelihood that you will end up with a positive outcome.

To answer the question, SEO is not dead, but there are a lot of pundits that will tell you that it is. To really get moving forward within the world of marketing today, you will want to look into hiring SEO services that can focus on the right pieces for you. The marketing world is such that it requires a lot of attention to finer details, and it requires a slower, more methodical pace.

Many Plans Need Setting Up:

When hiring SEO services, you will see that they have a tiered approach to real marketing. They will have a significant plan up front, but they will have several subsequent plans that will help them weather any storm that is caused by search engines changing their minds about anything. If they come out to say that they don’t like backlinks, they can easily be deleted, if they say that you need to only publish things that have no repetitive words or phrases, that can be done as well.

It’s like having a parachute and a backup whenever you’re jumping out of a plain. That’s what it’s like to have a good SEO marketing company helping your brand pushing your influence online. It takes time, it takes effort, and a diversity that most people don’t have time to work within. You’ll find that this is an important thing to chase, and one that will be best suited within the parameters of hiring a professional.

Questions to Ask Your Prospective DUI Attorney

If you get a conviction for driving under the influence or DUI, you can get driving restrictions, fine, probation, and community service. You might have to lose your license and even get jail time. If this is your first offense you may or may not choose to get legal help. Either way, you will have to proceed in handling the case under the guidance of a DUI attorney Salt Lake City representative. If you are not sure if you can do this alone and when it is not your first time offense, you definitely have to hire a lawyer.

Now when you have chosen an attorney that comes well recommended, you have to arrange a consultation where you can interview them to decide whether or not they will be able to help your case at all. There is certain information that they are required to provide that you could, so do not balk on asking them all you want. Because, if you decide to hire them, they are going to represent you in the case and you want to have the best possible help, right?

Here are a few questions to ask that can give you a clear image of your prospective DUI attorney Salt Lake City requirement:

• Just how much of their practice do they spend on defending DUI cases?

The techniques and laws that are used in defending against DUI cases change just as constantly as DUI legislations change. A technique that may have worked well in a case a month before may not work in yours. You have to find a DUI attorney Salt Lake City in practice that stays updated in the trends in DUI laws and techniques as well as what happens in the Court. You can ask your prospective lawyer whether they just continue their legal education by attending general-themed seminars or if they concentrate on DUI-specific seminars? It is observed that the better lawyers choose to get their continuing legal education credits from specific seminars.

• How much DUI case experience do they have?

criminalA DUI case is one of the most complex ones to handle among criminal law cases. The attorney requires having extensive knowledge of the laws and the procedures that are involved in DUI litigation to claim expertise. Also, nothing compares to actual experience in DUI trials. A good defense lawyer will have a record of jury trials that are proven to have been won.

• How many DUI cases have the lawyer handled and when were they?

Experience in actual trials counts the most. So see just how many DUI cases your lawyer has handled and when were they taken. If there were too few or the cases are from too long ago, and when there is a long time in between their DUI cases, they might not have the experience you want for your case.

• Of their DUI cases, how many plead guilty?

Good lawyers consider pleading guilty as the last resort instead of a technique in getting their client off with minimal damage. Choose a lawyer who will perform a thorough investigation for you and is ready to fight for you to the end.

• Are they familiar with the detection device used in your case (breath test machine, etc.)?

You have to get a DUI attorney Salt Lake City representation that is familiar with both how alcohol and the human body works. It would also be advantageous if they are knowledgeable on the devices that are used in these breath tests. You can ask them what the shortcomings of the device used on you are or what are the state’s regulations on these testing procedures.

• Will they be able to handle your license suspension case as well?

When you are taken in for DUI, you actually have two cases. One is for DUI and the other is the hearing for your probable license suspension. You’ll know you got a good lawyer if they are willing to handle both personally.

• Are they well versed in the administration and particulars on the Standardized Field Sobriety Tests?

They should be able to tell whether a deviation from the standardized procedure has been made. Because even a little deviation from this carefully specified procedures can greatly decrease the test’s accuracy and therefore affects the strength of the evidence given against you.

• What will the attorney handling your case cost you?

Choosing a cheaper lawyer might actually cost you more. This is because they are usually the ones with lesser experience and would more likely than not, advice you to plead guilty. And in DUI cases, convictions are more expensive than a good attorney’s fee.

• Will they handle all of your case’s aspects?

Find a good DUI attorney Salt Lake City practitioner that is willing to handle all the aspects of your case. You should be wary of some who will let a friend or associate handle particular aspects that are actually important to your case. You are not sure of that friend or associate’s competency in DUI cases after all.

How to Make Traders Want Your Custom Baseball Pins More

Want to make a big splash in the pin trading scene? Baseball pin trading has had a long tradition, and you would have to be very creative so you can make an impression. If you want your pins to really stand out, here are some of the options you have for jazzing up your custom baseball pins. If you want other traders to want you pins more, you can add secondary pins or designs as added features instead of having just the one main pin.

custom baseball pinsOne feature that you can add in is the dangler. The structure of the dangler will require a second mold with a different design. It is usually attached either through rings or jewelry chains. You can spice up your custom baseball pins with additional novelty designs. This could be anything from a wide range of design ideas from symbols like gloves or a baseball to flags or the year of the tournament—but in terms of customized designs, the sky is the limit.

Another option you have is to add in a slider to your pin. This will require that a slot be cut into the main pin so you can add in a second custom pin. This second, smaller slider pin will give your main pin a sense of action and excitement as you slide it in and out. This is highly appealing to traders because of its design and movement—it gives a sense of excitement and energy. Common designs are swinging bats or moving baseballs, among others—but you can come up with any design you can imagine.

Another feature you can add in the design is the spinner. A spinning secondary pin will be attached to the main pin, usually on its top. You can order any design, but the most common ones include baseballs, softballs, or bats. Similar to the slider varieties, spinners add a nice sense of movement and dynamism that highly appeals to traders. You can watch the movement of the secondary pin by spinning it with your finger.

For a more techy variety, you can also add a blinker to your trading pins. These involve mounting the pin with LED lights that you can switch on. The lights are battery-powered, and can be designed for anything—although most commonly it is used for the eyes of mascots. It is a popular choice since it adds a nice twist to the pin without being too elaborate or complicated. Unlike spinners or danglers—especially those poorly constructed ones—you don’t have to worry about the additional feature being easily damaged.

One of the most amusing ways of spicing up your custom baseball pins is by using bobble heads. This is usually done using designs of players or mascots, but you can achieve the same effect for any design you can draw up. The bobble head effect is achieved by attaching the secondary pin to the main pin using a strong spring. This secondary pin—the bobble—will move up and down and side to side when touched. This is not only amusing, but it is also sure to be an eye-catcher for traders.

For simpler ways to add that extra decoration for your pins, you can use glitter to color in sections of the pin. This will add in color and dimension that is very pleasing to the eyes, without being too expensive. This is a good start for neophyte traders on a budget.

These are just among the few options you have for coming up with beautiful, in-demand custom baseball pins. These are just simple things that can help you go the extra mile, but these will be a big help in making those traders want your pins even more.

Customized Silicon Wristbands: What You Need to Know (Before You Order)

Wristbands are all the rage right now and many companies, advocacy groups, and organizations are taking advantage of this trend. These bracelets, in all their colorful glory, are being sold, being given away, and being worn left and right, making it hard to blame companies, schools, and charitable organizations for jumping on the colorful and stylish wristband bandwagon. Ordering and customizing these fun and trendy bracelets is a breeze; however, those who want to buy them in bulk for fund raising or marketing purposes need to realize that not all of these bracelets are the same. The same goes for the companies that manufacture these hot fashion accessories. Here are some of the things a bulk buyer needs to ask before ordering from a manufacturer:

• What material is used to make the wristband? – Wristbands come in rubber and silicon. While rubber bracelets may be cheaper, silicon wristbands are known to be more durable than the former. It is also hypoallergenic so fundraisers and marketers would do better choosing silicon over rubber. Also, make sure that the silicon wristbands are made of 100% medical grade silicon and that they don’t have any latex combined in the mixture. Latex allergies can cause hives, rashes, and even lead to difficulty in breathing.

silicon wristband• How customizable is it? – The reason why advocacy groups and marketers choose silicon wristbands is because of the degree of customizability it brings to the table. Unfortunately, some manufacturers are not as flexible as others when it comes to color and design customization. There are companies that let their customers choose from a full-scale pantone chart, while others only allow clients to select from a limited standard color chart and charge extra for color choices outside their standard selection. Design capability is also limited with some wristband producers, while the others would move heaven and earth to give their customers what they want.

• What is the turnaround time for each order? – The wristband market is very competitive and manufacturers keep trying to outdo each other, especially when it comes to production and delivery time. Many companies offer quick turnaround time, but there’s really no guarantee that this is followed unless one does business with them.

• How is the cost per piece calculated? – Wristband manufacturers differ in a lot of ways, including how they charge their customer. Some companies have a base price for the bracelet and each word, letter, or character has a corresponding charge. Some also charge extra for logos and other non-traditional designs. Customers with large budgets may not mind this, but those who are counting their pennies need to find a manufacturer that has an all-in charging policy.

• Is there a minimum amount of bracelets per order? – Buying silicon or rubber bracelets is often done in bulk. What differs from manufacturer to manufacturer is their definition of the word “bulk.” Some of these companies require a minimum of at least 100 pieces before they accept an order, while some accommodate orders with less numbers, but for a slightly higher price. Some even allow customers to buy samples of the product by allowing orders from 1 to 10 pieces per batch – all fully customized.

After all is said and done, the one thing that’s most important when buying bracelets made out of rubber of silicon is the quality of the finished product. The colors should be bright and clear, the printing should be even, and there should be no rough edges. When it comes to promotional giveaways or fundraising items, silicon wristbands are seen as a great option; however, it’s always a good practice to check out different manufacturers and compare their offers before spending one’s valuable time and money with a company that can definitely be trusted.

2014 Fusion 14 Hybrid Stand Bag by Callaway Golf

Callaway Golf is best known for their innovative golf clubs. They are, after all, the world’s largest seller of golf clubs. But their product lines include even more products all related to a golf lifestyle. They have golf balls, golf accessories, golf apparel, and so on. Like their clubs, these products undergo extensive research and development to provide golf players worldwide a convenient and fun experience with playing golf.

The Golf Bag

One of the essential items for a golf player is the golf bag. Imagine going around the golf course carrying your clubs and other paraphernalia without a bag. That is just one absolute hassle.
Of course, you can just buy a general sports bag. But manufacturers design bags for specific sports for a reason. One sport would be different from another especially in terms of equipment. Golf is one which has really specific needs. You’ll be using different clubs for different situations and there’s a lot of moving around. Thus, the bag to carry your clubs and other things must be specifically designed to fulfill these needs.

2014 Fusion 14 Hybrid Stand Bag

For golf bags, one of your choices is the 2014 Fusion 14 Hybrid Stand Bag from Callaway Golf. From the company’s claims, this bag will supposedly put your play in motion due to its advantageous properties. Well, you won’t just believe the company’s promotion of its own product, right? Before you decide to get this bag, it would be better to gather some more information from other sources. You came to the right place.


Let’s first look at the features of this item.

•    Top: 10” with individual divider
•    Integrated molded handle
•    Xtra Traction Technology (XTT) base system (with flex activation)
•    10 pockets
•    Hip Pad: soft mesh
•    Double Strap System with ergonomic comfort tech
•    Rainhood included
•    Weight: less than 5 lbs.

CG-5User Convenience

The bag offers a 14-way individual divider. This would allow you to easily organize your clubs. You won’t have a problem in choosing and taking out the club you need while playing. If your bag doesn’t have a divider, the clubs will move around while you carry it. It’s likely that you’ll have to sort them around each time you get a club.

Being a stand bag, you can easily and quickly put it in position while playing. You won’t need to crouch down to get your clubs. It also won’t interfere with moving around the course. After finishing the shot, you can just walk by and take the bag quickly. The stand uses a fast and easy flex activation system. Getting it up and down the golf cart is easy.

On its own, the bag is barely 5 pounds. It is lightweight enough. This means the bag itself doesn’t add too much weight for you to carry around. However, there are lighter bags around the market.


You already know that it can carry around 14 clubs. This is pretty good and may even be more than what you need. Aside from this, the bag is fitted with 10 different extra pockets.Each pocket is designed by Callaway Golf for the item it would carry.

The apparel pocket is full length. It can fit your apparel without a problem.The valuables pocket is lined with water resistant material which protects the contents. It also has a key fob.The water bottle pocket is thermal lined. You can keep a bottle of cool water handy. Other pockets are the balls pocket, GPS/range finder pocket, and 5 accessory pockets. With this bag, you can carry everything you need for a game.

Overall Verdict

The Callaway Golf 2014 Fusion 14 Hybrid Stand Bag is one good golf bag. It offers a great deal of stability, durability, and capacity but still relatively lightweight. In today’s market, there may be other bags that are a bit more durable, cheaper or lighter than the Fusion. However, this bag is at the top when it comes to the features – a good blend of function and style.

Server Virtualization: Creating Windows VPS and others

There are several types of web hosting. One is the Free Hosting, which offers web services free of charge, but has lower bandwidth and is suitable for websites that have a lower number of visitors.  There are also Shared Hosting services that allow many customers to lease one server. Although files from one website cannot be affected by the others, the privilege of tweaking the system of the server is not held by a single person. Any one of the customers who are hosted by that single server can access the settings, codes, and scripts of the entire server. Because of this, one mistake or error by any user will affect the performance of the other websites.

Dedicated Web Hosting is a lot more appropriate for big businesses that have guaranteed high traffic. It accommodates one website in one server. It gives the owner more control over what is happening on the server. However, it costs much more that shared Web Hosting because of the sole privilege of the owner. A form of Dedicated Web Hosting is the Managed type. It is basically a Dedicated Web Hosting, but with web hosts that manages your website.

These web hosting types are convenient for the customers but they fail to maximize the potential of modern highly innovative server computers. Server computers are built with more powerful processors that can process much more than what they are actually processing. It also poses the problem of physical space. Because server machines are enormously built, it takes up much space. Why not make use of the untapped potential of these powerful processors in order to maximize their capabilities, as well as save physical space.

The last type of hosting, which is VPS or Virtual Private Server, resolves those problems. VPS Hosting is a type of web hosting that makes use of one original server to accommodate smaller virtual machine servers. This type is convenient for customers because it gives them privacy, due to the fact that no other customers can access your server. It is perfect for customers with websites that have less traffic. Because it costs less than dedicated web hosting, it is suitable for websites that have more traffic than those that are hosted freely, but with limited budget. Linux VPS, Ubuntu VPS, Windows VPS hosting are examples of this type.

This is done using server virtualization. Windows VPSSoftware that are specifically designed to do this task are being used in order to transform one physical server into several virtual machine ones. These virtual machines are capable of running their own operating systems, as well as hosting a website on its own. It mimics the operation of an actual machine. For example, a physical machine running Windows can be imitated by a Windows VPS.

Windows VPS allows solid integration of almost all types of Microsoft applications. Microsoft always strives to improve its products. Because of this, virtual servers that use Windows are also under constant improvement. It also has a user interface that is familiar and is easier to manage. Many applications also require a Windows operating system. This includes ASP Classic, ASP .NET, MSSQL (Microsoft SQL Server), MS Access (Microsoft Access), Visual Basic Development, C#, and Remote Desktop.

Other operating systems that can be run by virtual machines include Linux, Macintosh, and Unix. They have different features, advantages, and disadvantages. The necessity of any features will tell the customer which OS he will need the most. It is best to consider each popular (this includes Windows VPS and Linux) and unpopular operating systems, and inspect all of their pros and cons. This will enable the customer to have an insight on many OS as possible in order to determine what will work flawlessly for his website.

Fan Misters versus Air-Conditioning Systems

Have you ever noticed how hot it is during summer? From year to year, the temperature in our surroundings seems hotter. This is true in all parts of the world except maybe for the Polar Regions. We seem drifting to that hotter temperature the longer we stay here on Earth.

Sometimes, we feel that we can no longer do anything about it. That perception that keeps on running at the back of our minds is false. There are things we can do to relieve ourselves of the discomfort that the hot weather brings. Making valuable investments deem necessary.

Air-conditioners for the Hotter Days Ahead

The first thing that apparently comes to mind when you know that summer is fast approaching is to invest in an air-conditioning system. Air conditioners can bring you much comfort and they have been popular among many households for decades now. Available in different horsepower settings, you can choose one depending on the area you would want to use it for.

Ever Thought of Fan Misters?

Yes, you have a choice to invest in these cooling alternatives. They look like traditional fans in most cases but their mechanisms are entirely different from those of the mechanized fans we are all used to. Mechanized fans (or electric fans in many parts of the world) work by blowing air once they have been switched from an electrical outlet. Push the button according to the speed of air you want blown by the fan and voila! You get to comfort yourself at least.

Fan misters, on the other hand, work more than just blowing air. They come with high pressure pumps combined with a filtration system that function to pump out cold air with water droplets measuring up to 10 microns only. These very same droplets evaporate faster in the air thus making it easier to transfer cold temperatures. They are available in indoor and outdoor varieties.

Fan Misters Compared to Air-Conditioning Systems – Which is Better?

It is seen that both air-conditioning and fan misting systems offer much comfort and coolness whenever needed. However, the fan mister is seen to have a lot of other advantages that you may not experience when investing in air-conditioning systems.

First on the list is the fact that a fan mister requires lesser maintenance. All you have to do is learn the basic parts of the mister – the water pump and fan motor. Once you have familiarized yourself with these parts, you can simply follow the guide or manual that comes with your purchase of this system. You need not have a background on electronics repair to perform the job. This will also lessen the hassles of having to bring it to a repair shop.

Also, it can be noted that fan misters can be installed with much breeze. There is no need to measure the perimeter or area where you want it installed. You can even install it anywhere in your home without having much of a thought on how to do it.

Last but not the least – it is obvious that there is lesser expense when you choose to invest in a fan mister over an air-conditioner. The cost boils down from the time of purchase. You can save more when buying a fan mister since they are cheaper. Add to that, the expense you will spend on electric utility bills is way lower with the mister than the air-conditioner. Since a fan mister posts lesser consumption, you are sure that you are not hurting the environment.

Fan misters, are with no doubt, better investments compared to air-conditioners. They are easy to maintain plus they can be installed with no hassles at all. To top those, they are not as expensive as air-conditioning systems. With all these advantages, why not invest on them now?

How Live Chat Service Can Help You Create A Good First Impression

They say that first impressions last. This is also true when it comes to websites. If you want to create a great website, it is important to make a good first impression. Great website design or amazing live chat service can change the visitors’ perception of your website and company. It is essential to give your visitors an amazing experience that will inspire them to visit the website again and again.

Here’s how live chat service can help you create good first impression for your website:

live chat service1. Live chat makes your website unique – It is not enough that you have a great brand logo or a great website design. Your website has to be unique and has to have something that separates it from other websites. Online chat will surprise the website visitors in a good way. It will make your website stand out and it will make the website visitor want to visit your site as often as he could. Site visitors would think that the company is great because it has invested in something that would help and support customers and website visitors.

Website visitors will also get an impression that the website is innovative because it uses advanced technology and software to better assist and support their potential clients.

Having an online chat service is like having a website receptionist. It is a differentiators and it makes your company more available to its website visitors. Client’s questions and concerns are addressed right away. Plus, if you have friendly chat agents, it will make the experience even more amazing. Experienced chat operators are able to address the client’s queries and make them feel secured and valued. Website visitors and potential clients feel important, reassured, and valued after leaving the chat conversation. This will encourage them to visit the website again or recommend it to their family and friends.

2. Ease of Contact – Internet users are getting more and more impatient. It is no longer enough to merely put your contact details on your website. Customers do not have the time to wait for an email reply or wait for a customer service representative to answer their call. Live chat allows the potential clients and buyers to contact the company effortlessly. One advantage of having an online chat service is that it gives the client an impression that customers’ concerns and questions are important to you and your company. This will enable you to directly answer your visitor’s concerns and will give you a chance to turn a website visit into an actual business transaction. Online chat does not only aid you in creating a great first impression. It will also allow you to retain existing customers and clients.

Live chat gives the site visitor an instant touch that all internet users want.

3. Live chat service complements great website content – If you have great website content, you will most likely get a good first impression from your site visitors. However, you can get a better first impression if you have an online chat service. Live chat will allow potential clients to ask questions about your products and website content. It will allow you to explain the content further and make the articles relatable to the customers. Most website visitors do not have the time to read the entire article so it is best if you have live chat support. Because live chat creates a great first impression, it can prevent website abandonment. It could increase your site traffic and sales because it gives the visitor a feeling of wanting to visit the site again.

4. Proactive Chat – Consumers are always impressed with pro-activity. If a customer invites a client to a private chat, this speaks volumes of how important the client’s business is to the company. Clients always appreciate companies that are proactive. Live chat service will not only create great customer experience, it will also increase sales and website traffic conversion.

Apex Chat is a Live Chat company that provides live chat service and software.

Black Hat SEO: Are You Guilty?

Is there really black hat SEO? The term is applied to the use of unethical search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to obtain higher rankings in the search engine results page (SERP). Another term used in place of black hat SEO is spamdexing. There is ongoing debate as to the existence of black-hatters. Supporters of black hat SEO techniques claim that ethics does not come to play in SEO practice since any manner of optimization made on website content is carried out with a deliberate intention to manipulate SERPs.

Black hatters’ Stand

The case in support of black hat seounqualified use of any techniques to improve SERP rankings is that commercial websites do Internet marketing to make money. To achieve their money-making goal, they strive to rank better than their competitors within search engines. To this end, black hatters claim that it is up to search engines to lay down the parameters for acceptable optimization. In other words, if these methods remain undetected by search engines, no ethical issues are touched. They embrace the Machiavellian maxim that the end, in fact, justifies the means.

Other black hatters argue that any optimization strategy that propels a site to rank higher than others outside of content quality is black hat SEO. Additionally, black hat SEO may also mean any changes rendered on a site solely for the purpose of SERP rankings but do not result in the enhancement of user experience of the site. Yet, who can blame the black hatters? While it is quite true that search engines set guidelines for acceptable use, these are deliberately vague and open itself to different interpretations. To illustrate, Yahoo bans web pages that offer poor user experience. Different people have different ideas of poor user experience.

Here is a partial list of what search engines consider as unacceptable SEO or spam:

  • Auto-generated content that serves no value to the user;
  • Buying or selling of links and link farming to artificially increase the number of links;
  • Cloaking and or delivering different pages depending on the IP address or agent requesting the page;
  • Doorway, gateway or jump pages designed as an entrance to a website where each one of these pages are optimized for different keywords but with no real content;
  • Duplicate Content;
  • Excessive cross linking sites to inflate the apparent popularity of your site;
  • Hiding of outbound links;
  • Misuse or cyber-squatting of competitor domain names or name typos;
  • Spamming fora and blogs;
  • Stuffing web content with keywords, anchor text, and domain name;
  • Too many outbound links to a website that use high risk techniques or spam;
  • Use of hidden texts or links, usually done by disguising in ALT tag of images.

Beware of the Consequences

Search engines may employ a wide range of penalties in response to the use of deceptive SEO techniques. It may seem unfair that search engines dictate site owners about what they can and what they cannot do. However, penalties are a “necessary evil” to ensure that the web does not teem of useless web pages and poor quality content. Well-meaning marketers will provide their target users with quality content and useful information.

Website owners should always be sensible about their decisions in marketing their product or service. They should also opt to resort only to ethical SEO practices. There are corresponding punishments for black hat SEO practices. Stay clear of black hat SEO or bear the brunt of the penalties.